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WEDNESDAY - March 7. 2007----------------------------------------------------------------------Return to Today's News Alerts

Mom's gum disease ups risk of premature birth.
Pregnant women with periodontal (gum) disease are at increased risk for delivering premature infants or low birth weight infants.

Coffee Shouldn't Boost Preemie Birth Risk.
Women who consume moderate amounts of caffeine during pregnancy do not have a greater risk of premature births or underweight babies, new research shows.

Pregnant Mom's Smoking Raises Childs' Adult Heart Risk.
Women who smoke during pregnancy can cause permanent damage to their child's circulatory system increasing risks for heart disease and stroke later in life. Secondhand smoke also toxic.

Heart drug may improve preterm labor outcomes.
Treatment with transdermal nitroglycerin can prolong pregnancy in women who go into labor prematurely and its use seems to reduce illness in the newborn.

Bowel disease linked to pregnancy problems.
Women with inflammatory bowel disease are at increased risk for
a number of adverse pregnancy outcomes, including premature birth and birth defects.

Survival rates for tiniest babies holding steady.
After a dramatic leap in survival rates for very low birth weight babies up to 1997, there is little change in survival or health for these infants since.

Scientists Discover How Mom Smoking Causes Cleft Lip and Palate.
A pregnant woman, smoking 15 cigarettes or more daily, gives her fetus - if lacking the gene GSTT1 - a 20 fold increase in cleft lip or palate.

TUESDAY - March 6. 2007---------------------------------------------------------------------------Return to Today's News Alerts

Sox17 gene critical in development beating heart muscle cells in embryonic stem cells.
This finding may help in efforts to use embryonic stem cells to generate heart muscle in order to repair damage caused by heart attacks and chronic heart failure.

3rd/4th day ultrasonography fetal face may lead to early diagnosis of other anomalies.
Ultrasonographic examination of the fetal face can provide information that may lead to the diagnosis of anomalies in other organs or systems.

Ultrasound Affects Development of Fetal Mouse Brains.
Prolonged exposure to ultrasound in the womb causes brain abnormalities in fetal mice. Although not applicable to humans, this study study warns against the non-medical use of fetal ultrasound imaging.

Women 40 and Older Have Triple the Risk of Term Stillbirth.
Women in their 40s have a threefold greater risk for stillbirth at term than women in their mid-to-late 20s, researchers said here.

Researchers Safely Regenerate Failing Mouse Hearts With Embryonic Stem Cells.
Mayo Clinic researchers have safely transplanted cardiac preprogrammed embryonic stem cells into diseased hearts of mice successfully regenerating damaged heart muscle without precipitating the growth of a cancerous tumor

Preeclampsia, Fetal Development Problems Linked To Low Levels of Adrenomedullin.
Research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ties low levels of adrenomedullin hormone secreted by the uterus and embryos to problems with pregnancy and fetal development.

MONDAY - March 5. 2007----------------------------------------- ----------------------------Return to Today's News Alerts

Low Vitamin D Common in Pregnancy
An "extremely high" proportion of pregnant women living in the northern United States, and their newborns, have insufficient vitamin D levels. Taking prenatal vitamins may not help. more...

Even a little alcohol in pregnancy is risky
Even less than one alcoholic drink a week during the first trimester of pregnancy can negatively effect the mental health of babies, especially girls. more...

Low-GI diets could prevent obesity in babies
According to a study undertaken by scientists from the University of Sydney, a pregnant woman's diet could predispose her unborn baby to obesity. more...

FDA to withhold $1.2M of $4M allocated to women's health
FDA intends to withhold $1.2 million of the $4 million Congress allocated for the Office of Women's Health in 2007. The remaining $2.8 million has already been allocated or spent. more...

Reduced Fertility in Women due to Low Fat Dairy Foods
A new US study suggests that eating low fat dairy food every day can reduce a woman's fertility by affecting ovulation. A fat-soluble substance in full-fat dairy foods is removed when full-fat dairy is converted to low-fat. more...

Pregnancy diet may impact child's allergy risk
What a woman eats during pregnancy may influence the odds that her child will develop allergies, a new study hints. more...

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