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July 29, 2011--------News Archive

Antioxidants Affect on Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction
Infertility is often an early indicator of other degenerative disease issues such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Approaches that may help treat infertility could also be of value to head off those problems.

Protein Placed In Tumor Nucleus Can Stop Growth
Maspin is believed to inhibit the formation, development, and spread of tumors in several aggressive cancers, including breast, ovarian, and head and neck cancers.

July 28, 2011--------News Archive

IVF, Free-market Versus Government Regulation
How many embryos are safe and proper to place in a uterus, and how best to regulate this decision?

Spare the Rod, Develop the Child
Study suggests non-corporal discipline aids children's executive-functioning ability.

July 27, 2011--------News Archive

Testosterone Protects Against Inflammation
Pharmacists from the University of Jena analyzed why men do not suffer as much from inflammatory diseases as women.

MicroRNAs Transform Adult Cells into Neurons
Small bits of RNA called microRNAs, can influence the way a cell’s genes are turned on and off, single-handedly causing human skin to transform into nerve cells.

July 26, 2011--------News Archive

Muscular Dystrophy Clinical Trial Has Positive Results
A molecular technique has taken one step closer to becoming a treatment for the devastating genetic disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Pregnancy Hormone Prolongs Life of SMA Mice
Researchers in Ottawa report new hope for the treatment of infants born with serious genetic disorder.In its most severe form, SMA kids will not live 5 years.

New Guidelines for Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy
Harmful effects of hypothyroidism on maternal and fetal health drive new guidelines for managing thyroid disease in pregnancy.

July 25, 2011--------News Archive

Epigenetic 'Memory' Key to Nature Versus Nurture
Until now, there hasn't been a clear explaination of how a variable, such as nutrition, could not only affect a gene - but also be passed on.

Stress Induces Yeast to Promote Prion Formation
Prions cause neurodegenerative disorders, such as mad cow/Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, in humans and animals. Yeast may now teach us how it gets started.


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