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January 27, 2012--------News Archive

In The Brain, An Earlier Sign Of Autism
In infants as young as six months, babies who will go on to develop autism already show different brain responses when someone looks at or away from them.

High Animal Fat Diet Increases Gestational Diabetes
NIH study shows animal fat before conception linked to pregnancy related condition.

Multiple Births Lead to Moms' Weight Gain - Problems for Male Offspring
Women having multiple births also have difficulty losing weight gained in pregnancy - but their sons may suffer as well.

January 26, 2012--------News Archive

Prenatal Testosterone Linked to Male Language Delay
Males at greater than twice the risk of language delay than females

Spotting Dyslexia Before School Starts
Brain MRIs may provide an early diagnostic marker

Precursers to Blood-Forming Stem Cells Identified
Scientists have identified the environment in which blood-forming stem cells survive and thrive within the body

January 25, 2012--------News Archive

Exercise Triggers Cell Recycling
A new study finds that exercise prompts cells to break down unwanted proteins and other cellular junk thereby producing more energy.

Gene Therapy Ready for Commercial Development
The time for commercial development of gene therapy has come.

Babies Born “Intuiting Physics”?
Numerous infant studies indicate environmental knowledge is present soon after birth

January 24, 2012--------News Archive

Plugging Up A Fundamental Cell Process
Study of a plant hormone could have far-reaching implications for all cell biology and disease research.

Nurturing Moms Raise Healthier Adults
Study shows childhood experiences have long-term effects on health in midlife.

Working Moms Look for More Than A Paycheck
A recent study of employed moms finds that most would work even if they didn't have to work.

January 23, 2012--------News Archive

Epigenetic Link to Congenital Heart Disease
Discovery identifies how two finely tuned genes influence fetal heart muscle development into a beating heart.

Rare Disease Yields Hypertension Gene Complex
Analyzing all the genes of people suffering from a rare form of hypertension, researchers discover a new mechanism regulating blood pressure in all humans.

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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