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February 10, 2012--------News Archive

Induced Labor & Risk of Infection in Newborns
Inducing labor in between the 34th and 37th week of gestation doesn't reduce newborn risk of infection or respiratory problems.

One Preterm Delivery Means Next Baby Will Be Small
Research has found that women who deliver their first baby early are more likely to have a subsequent baby also small for its gestational age, even if carried to term.

One Preterm Delivery Means Next Baby Will Be Small
Breastfeeding lowers the body mass index for offspring of diabetic pregnancies.

February 9, 2012--------News Archive

Umbilical Cord Care Can Save Newborn Lives
Cleansing a newborn’s umbilical cord with chlorhexidine can reduce an infant’s risk of infection and death during the first weeks of life by as much as 20 percent.

Clues to Diaphramatic Hernia in Gene Expression Data
Researchers have uncovered 27 new candidate genes for congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), a common and often deadly birth defect.

Sperm Shape Driven by Female Reproductive Organs?
Diving beetles offer unexpected clues about sperm evolution. Changes in female reproductive organs may effect sperm form as much as male to male competition.

February 8, 2012--------News Archive

Old Theory Discovers New Targets To Fight Cancer
Similarities between genetic signatures in developing organs and cancers could personalize cancer therapies, revealing a connection noticed in the 1870s.

Brown Fat Keeps Young Mice Alive
The findings also reveal that the babies require a second round of heat-generating brown fat to survive.

Improved Endometriosis Screening with New Gene Mutation
Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have, for the first time, discovered a new gene mutation providing hope for new screening methods.

February 7, 2012--------News Archive

Toward Fixing Infant Hearts
Researchers derive vessel-forming stem cells from amniotic fluid.

Increasing Bone Formation/Strength with Stem Cells
Successful testing in mice paves the way toward human trials for patients with osteoporosis.

New Virtual Tool to Diagnose Genetic Mutations
Detecting mutations for diagnosis and treatment of cancer can be complex with results difficult to interpret. Now, free software can help identify genetic mutations.

February 6, 2012--------News Archive

Gene Switches Hold Clues to "Family Tree"
If you want to draw your family tree, you could start by searching for people who share your gene switches.

Extremely Long-Lived Proteins in Adult Brain
Research has found that the adult brain contains proteins that last a lifetime.

Preferring Fatty Foods May Be Genetic
People with certain forms of the CD36 gene may like high-fat foods more than those who have other forms of this gene.

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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