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February 24, 2012--------News Archive

Natural Clearing of Cellular Debris Provides New Targets for Treating Lupus
Cells that die naturally generate a lot of internal debris that can trigger the immune system to attack the body, leading to diseases such as lupus.

Genome Sequencing Finds Unknown Cause of Epilepsy
Research has identified a previously unknown mutation in a sodium channel protein as the likely cause of a severe form of epilepsy.

More Blood Types Decoded
Knowing your blood type could be “a matter of life and death.” But so could knowing your Langereis blood type. Or your Junior blood type.

February 23, 2012--------News Archive

Loss of Micronutrients in Pre-Pregnancy Associated With Gene Changes in Offspring
Micronutrients (minerals needed in small quantities, such as iron, iodine and vitamin A) affect methylation, which is associated with changes to the immune system.

"Rotting" Y Chromosome Theory - Wrong!
The so-called "rotting" Y theory has been predicting extinction of the Y chromosome ever since it was discovered the Y has lost hundreds of genes over 300 million years.

Chimp and Human Y Chromosomes Evolving Fast
Contrary to a widely held scientific theory, new evidence suggests that the Y chromosome is actually evolving rapidly through continuous, wholesale renovation.

February 22, 2012--------News Archive

Noninvasive Method Detects Risk of Down Syndrome
Using a noninvasive test on maternal blood, a new algorithm for analysis can detect, with a high degree of accuracy, the risk that a fetus has Down or Edwards syndrome.

Environmental Pollutant Linked to Overweight
The levels of the environmental pollutant perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that mothers had in their blood during pregnancy increased the risk of obesity in their daughters at 20 years of age.

The Molecular Basis of Touch Sensation
The gene - c-Maf - known to control lens development in mice and humans is also crucial for the development of neurons responsible for mechanosensory function.

February 21, 2012--------News Archive

Deadly Carbon Monoxide Prevents Miscarriage
Heme oxygenase-1 is essential for growth of blood vessels in the placenta and establishing blood flow in the umbilical cord. Too little can lead to miscarriage.

Brain Differences Visible at 6 Months in Infants Who Develop Autism
Study suggests autism does not appear suddenly in young children, but develops over time during infancy.

Babies' Colic Linked to Mothers' Migraines
Researchers reveal possible cause of common excessive crying problem.

February 20, 2012--------News Archive

New EEG Shows Fetal Brain Tracts Forming
Latest scientific achievements offer significant improvements in the brain health and lives of infants.

Caribbean-American Women At High Risk of Mercury Poisoning
A new study assesses mercury levels in pregnant women and examines dietary and environmental sources of exposure to mercury.

Live From the Thymus: T-Cells On the Move
For the first time, scientists follow the development of individual immune cells in a living zebrafish embryo.

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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