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March 9, 2012--------News Archive

Mom’s Voice Improves Health of Preemies
When babies are born prematurely, a hospital environment is often highly successful at saving their lives, but is not as ideal as the mother's womb.

Origami Paper Sensor Test for Malaria and HIV
Inspired by the paper-folding art of origami, chemists have developed a 3-D paper sensor that may be able to test for diseases such as malaria and HIV for less than 10 cents a pop.

Chaperone Proteins Determine How Proteins Fold
Scientists identify DnaK as a key player in protein folding.

March 8, 2012--------News Archive

New Mechanism Mapped in Brain's Barrier Tissue
Scientists now know that the blood brain barrier helps maintain a delicate balance by 'vacuuming' extra glutamate from the brain.

Men Respond More Aggressively than Women to Stress
The role of the SRY gene is critical in male fight-or-flight response.

Self-Centered Kids? Blame Their Immature Brains
A new study suggests that age-associated improvements in the ability to consider the preferences of others are linked with maturation of a brain region involved in self control.

March 7, 2012--------News Archive

Primitive Gut's Role in Left-Right Body Pattern
Scientists have found that the gut endoderm has a significant role in propagating determining whether organs develop in the stereotypical left-right pattern.

Discovery of Molecule Initiating Maturation of Eggs
Researchers have identified a molecule called Cdk1 that could lead to an increased rate of successful IVF.

Tonsils Make T-Cells, Too
A new study provides evidence that a critical type of immune cell can develop in human tonsils.

March 6, 2012--------News Archive

Embryonic Development Protein Active in Cancer Growth
Silencing the protein impairs tumor growth, making ROR1 a potential therapeutic target for breast cancer treatment

Environmental Exposure Risks to Reproductive Patients
Simple recommendations help reduce harmful exposures for women.

Research Discovers Genetic Link Between Hydras and Humans
Even in the absence of eyes altogether, some creatures display a light-sensitivity that uses the same visual pathway allowing humans to see.

March 5, 2012--------News Archive

Artificial 'Womb' Unlocks Secrets of Early Embryo
Pioneering work has helped reveal for the first time a vital process in the development of the early mammalian embryo.

Blueprint of Stem Cell Wiring Gives Scientists Control
Scientists have created the first ever blueprint of how stem cells are wired to respond to the external signaling molecules to which they are constantly exposed.

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