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April 13, 2012--------News Archive

Scientists Discover Tool To Uncross Chromosomes
Researchers have discovered a key tool that helps sperm and eggs develop exactly 23 chromosomes each

Study Resolves Debate on Human Cell Division
Researchers have resolved the debate over the shut-down process during cell division.

Targeting Glucagon May Offer a New Approach to Treating Diabetes
Maintaining the right level of sugar in the blood is the responsibility not only of insulin, which removes glucose, but also of a hormone called glucagon, which adds glucose.

April 12, 2012--------News Archive

Discovery Reveals Chromosomes Organize Into 'Yarns'
Scientists know that chromosomes fold into a series of contiguous "yarns" that harbor groups of genes and regulatory elements, which when in contact with each other, work in a coordinated manner.

Fragile X Syndrome Reversed in Adult Mouse Brain
A new compound reverses many of the major symptoms associated with Fragile X syndrome (FXS), the most common form of inherited intellectual disability and a leading cause of autism.

'Brain-Only' Mutation Causes Epileptic Disorder
Scientists have discovered a mutation limited to brain tissue that causes hemimegalencephaly (HMG), a condition where one half of the brain is enlarged and dysfunctional.

April 11, 2012--------News Archive

Embryo Exposure to BPA Affects Adult Learning
In testing the effects of the controversial chemical bisphenol A (BPA) on zebrafish, a scientist found embryo neurobehavior affected - and continuing on to affect adult neurobehavior.

Major Source of Cells’ Defense Against Oxidative Stress Identified
Both radiation and chemotherapy try to kill tumors by causing oxidative stress. New research on a protein that protects cancer cells may one day help to break down their defenses.

Manipulating the Immune System to Develop 'Next-Gen' Vaccines
A protein found on the surface of immune - dendritic - cells recognises dangerous damage and trauma that could signify infection.

April 10, 2012--------News Archive

Genetic Mutations at Conception Linked to Many Cases of Autism
About 15 percent of autism cases in families with a single autistic child are associated with spontaneous mutations that occur in sex cells.

Genetic Regulator of Fat and Muscle Fitness Discovered
Researchers have discovered that genetic Kruppel-like Factor 15 (KLF15), governs the body's ability to burn fat during exercise.

Maternal Obesity, Diabetes Associated with Autism, other Developmental Disorders
Relationships between maternal diabetes/obesity and a child with autism or developmental disability, have been found.

April 9, 2012--------News Archive

Yale Researchers Show How Embryonic Stem Cells Orchestrate Human Development
Yale researchers show how three genes within human embryonic stem cells regulate development, a finding that increases understanding of how to grow these cells for therapeutic purposes.

To Prevent Leukemia's Dreaded Return, Go For The Stem Cells
Research has found a way to stop leukemia stem cells in their tracks.

DNA Sequencing Unveils Patterns of Mutations in Autism
Research has pinpointed a few specific genes as genuine risk factors for autism spectrum disorders.

The Visible Embryo now begins two weeks of Spring Break

March 26, 2012--------News Archive

Brain Imaging Study Finds Evidence of Basis for Caregiving Impulse
Distinct patterns of activity — which may indicate a predisposition to care for infants — appear in the brains of adults who view an image of an infant face — even when the child is not theirs

Highly Flexible Despite Hard-Wiring - Even Slight Stimuli Change Information Flow in the Brain
Neural networks of the brain can easily influence each other as the direction of information flow changes - depending on the time pattern of communication between brain areas

Embryo Stem Cells Shift Metabolism in Cancer-Like Way Upon Implanting in Uterus
Switch may release fuel and materials for rapid growth and formation of layers that later become organs

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