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April 20, 2012--------News Archive

Social Interaction/Teamwork Leads to Human Intelligence
Evolution of intelligence and larger brain sizes can be driven by cooperation and teamwork.

Obesity/Extreme Slimness Both Risky in Pregnancy
A new study of more than 3000 expectant mothers confirms that being either obese or underweight has specific complications in pregnancy.

First Proof of Electricity in Simplest Amino Acid
The boundary between electronics and biology is blurring with the first detection of ferroelectric properties in an amino acid called glycine

April 19, 2012--------News Archive

Kids Get More Active Given More Toy Choices
The task of choosing toys inspires more physical activity, especially in girls.

First Description Of A Triple DNA Helix
For the first time, researchers have demonstrated structural information of a triple helix DNA in gas phase, or vacuum.

Damaged Hearts Made Healthy With Scar Tissue
Scientists are announcing a research breakthrough in mice that one day may help doctors restore hearts damaged by heart attacks—by converting scar-forming cardiac cells into beating heart muscle.

April 18, 2012--------News Archive

Babies Flick Anti-Risk ‘Switch’ in Women, Not Men
Unlike women, men don’t curb certain risk-taking behaviours when a baby is present.

Niceness Is at Least Partly in the Genes
What makes some people give blood and bake casseroles for their neighbors, while others mutter from behind closed blinds?

Half Siblings Provide Genetic Clues to Autism
A child is about half as likely to develop autism if his or her half sibling has the disorder than if a full sibling does.

April 17, 2012--------News Archive

Two Genes Essential for Placental Development
The absence of two genes, E2f7 and E2f8, in stem cells results in a placenta made up of overcrowded and poorly organized cells.

Scientists Find Neural Stem Cell Regulator
The lack of this regulator gene can cause neural tube defects.

Research Identifies Gene Key to Neuron Survival
During brain development, regulation of neuron survival and death is fundamental to a fuctional, organized brain.

April 16, 2012--------News Archive

Autism DNA Mutation Patterns Within Proteins
Autism researchers have taken a step toward addressing the search for gene mutations in the fraction of the human genome that codes for proteins.

Maternal Obesity/Diabetes Associated with Autism, Other Developmental Disorders
Mothers who are obese and/or have diabetes or hypertension, are 1 - 2 times more likely to have a child with autism as normal-weight mothers without those conditions.

Memory in Adults Impacted by Versions of 4 Genes
Two international studies identify brain-development genes associated with the volume of the brain.

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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