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May 11, 2012--------News Archive

Vitamin B12 Key to Reducing Diabetes in Pregnant Women?
The number of mothers affected by gestational diabetes mellitis - or GDM - is rapidly rising, as are all manner of additional health complications for both the mother and baby

UV Light Can Switch On Gene Expression
Imagine being able to control gene expression by flipping a light switch

Parallel Selection Tweaks Many of the Same Genes to Make Big and Heavy Mice
Organisms adapt to their environment through individual characteristics. such as body size and body weight. Such complex traits are usually controlled by many genes. As a result, individuals show tremendous variations

May 10, 2012--------News Archive

Not Enough Known About Prescription Drug Use in Pregnancy
Prescription drug use during pregnancy is prevalent, however, not enough is known about the adverse effects they may have on the developing fetus

Sperm Crawl and Collide on Way to Egg
Scientists have shed new light on how sperm navigate the female reproductive tract, 'crawling' along the channel walls and swimming around corners - with frequent collisions

Male Sex Chromosomes Are Here to Stay
The results of a new study confirm that although male sex chromosomes have shrunk over millions of years and lost many of their original genes, the remaining genes are extremely important in predicting fertility and therefore are unlikely to become extinct

May 9, 2012--------News Archive

BPA Affects Monkey Mammary Glands
Study adds to growing health concerns about common plastic additive

Toxins Cause Ovarian Disease Across Generations
Research has found that ovarian disease can result from exposures to a wide range of environmental chemicals and be inherited by future generations

Why Underweight Babies Become Obese
Study says disrupted hypothalamus is to blame

May 8, 2012--------News Archive

What Causes Melanesian Blonde Hair?
Researchers studying pigmentation in the South Pacific have uncovered a key genetic contribution to hair color

How a Gene Duplication Helped Our Brains Become 'Human'
Extra copy of brain-development gene allowed neurons to migrate farther and develop more connections; findings may offer clue to autism and schizophrenia

Robot Reveals the Inner Workings of Brain Cells
New method offers automated way to record electrical activity inside neurons in the living brain

May 7, 2012--------News Archive

Stem Cells Self-Destruct for the Good of the Embryo
When embryonic stem cells suffer damage making them a threat to the developing embryo, they swiftly self-destruct for the greater good

A New Candidate for Treating Obesity
Turning white fat to brown fat by blocking vitamin A metabolism, may be a future method of treating obesity

Higher Risk of Birth Defects with Assisted Reproduction
A new study has identified increased risk of major birth defects with different types of assisted reproductive technologies

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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