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May 25, 2012--------News Archive

Infants Absorb Phthalates From PVC In Flooring
A new study shows that phthalates from PVC flooring is taken up by our bodies. Children can ingest these softening agents with food but also by breathing and through the skin

Genetic Markers Predict Male In-fertility
New study represents a breakthrough in understanding the causes of unexplained male infertility

Females Have Two Clock Masters
Women trying to have babies also need to think about their circadian clock

May 24, 2012--------News Archive

Vitamin C Improves Lungs in Smokers' Newborns
New research has potential to alter the fetal origins of respiratory disease by blocking some of the effects of smoking on lung development

Breast-Fed Babies' Gut Microbes Contribute to Healthy Immune Systems
Differences in bacteria colonizing the infant gut in formula-fed and breast-fed babies, lead to changes in the genes in the infant's immune system

Folic Acid May Reduce Some Childhood Cancers
Folic acid fortified foods may reduce the incidence of the most common type of kidney cancer and a type of brain tumor found in children

May 23, 2012--------News Archive

Oxytocin Improves Brain Function in Autistic Children
Preliminary results from a large-scale study of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), shows oxytocin increased brain function in regions known to process social information

Stem Cell Growth Factor Spurs Recovery From MS
A substance in human mesenchymal stem cells that promotes growth appears to spur restoration of nerves and their function in rodent models of multiple sclerosis (MS)

A Cell’s First Steps
A recent collaboration addressed the fundamental question in basic cell biology: How do living cells figure out when and where to grow?

May 22, 2012--------News Archive

Saturated and Trans Fat Worsen Women's Memory/Cognition
A new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital found that certain types of fat were associated with worse memory and overall cognitive function

How Omega-3 Oils Help Our Cells
It may be possible to manipulate the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids to short-circuit inflammation before it begins

Key Mechanism in Cell Division Is Identified
Researchers identify that the protein fragment Zds1 is key to chromosomal stability during mitosis

May 21, 2012--------News Archive

'Rare' Human Gene Types are Surprisingly Common
A large survey of human genetic variation shows that rare genetic variants are not so rare after all and offers insights into human diseases

Babies’ Susceptibility to Colds Detectable at Birth
Newborns with a diminished immune response to viruses experience more respiratory infections in their first year of life than newborns whose immune response is more robust

Experts Call For Vitamin D Clinical Trials
Observational studies show vitamin D may benefit cardiovascular, skin and metabolic disorders

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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