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June 1, 2012--------News Archive

Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Severe Asthma in Teen Years
African-American and Latino children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from acute asthma symptoms in their teens than asthma sufferers whose mothers did not smoke

Powerful Function of Single Protein Controls Neurotransmission
Scientists have discovered that the single protein — alpha 2 delta — exerts a spigot-like function, controlling the volume of neurotransmitters and other chemicals that flow between the synapses of brain neurons

Stem-Cell Readiness Mechanism Identified
An immune-system receptor plays an unexpected but crucial role in preventing stem cells from differentiating and helping blood cancer spread

May 31, 2012--------News Archive

Handful of Gene Changes Led to Huge Changes In Human Brain
Changes to just three genetic letters - among billions - led to the evolution and development of our motor sensory network, and laid the groundwork for characteristics of our brain

First Epigenome in Europe Completed
The first European comparative study between the epigenetic marks of a healthy person and a patient with a genetic disease has been completed

Why Humans Can't Smell As Well As Other Animals
Research shows that our human olfactory bulb - a structure in the brain processing sensory input from the nose - differs from other mammals in that no new neurons are formed after birth

May 30, 2012--------News Archive

Mutations Impair Child Growth/Development by Disrupting Organization of Chromosome Pairs
Researchers studying rare genetic disorders have uncovered insights into those diseases in biological structures that regulate chromosomes when cells divide

Antioxidant Shows Promise as Treatment for Some Features of Autism
The antioxidant, called N-Acetylcysteine, or NAC, lowered irritability in children with autism as well as reducing the children's repetitive behaviors

Totally RAD: Bioengineers Create Rewritable Digital Data in DNA
Researcher has developed a method for repeatedly encoding, storing and erasing digital data within the DNA of living cells

May 29, 2012--------News Archive

Immune T Cells 'Hunt' Parasites Like Animal Predators Hunt Prey
T cells use a movement strategy to track down parasites that is similar to strategies that predators such as monkeys, sharks and blue-fin tuna use to hunt their prey

Math Predicts Size of Clot-Forming Cells
Mathematicians have helped biologists figure out why platelets, the cells that form blood clots, are the size and shape that they are

Researchers Identify Key Brain Cell in Antidepressant Action
Researchers have discovered that a specific type of cell in the outer layers of the brain is crucial for Antidepressant medication action

May 28, 2012--------News Archive

A Single Gene Variation Equals Too Much or Too Little Growth
A gene previously linked to too much growth in patients has now also been linked to growth restriction

Researchers Solve Structure of Human Protein Critical for Silencing Genes
Atomic structure of human Argonaute-2 protein bound to a microRNA 'guide' could lead to better understanding of RNA interference mechanisms

Timing is Everything
Research shows a change in developmental timing was crucial in the evolutionary shift from dinosaurs to birds

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