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June 8, 2012--------News Archive

Baby's Genome Deciphered From Parents' Blood
Possibility of a single, non-invasive genetic screen during pregnancy for thousands of disorders is at hand

Fetal Cells Can Migrate Into Mom During Pregnancy
Some mothers literally carry pieces of their children in their bodies

Infant Brain Rewired Through Experience
Research shows mice brains are 'very wired up' at birth, and suggests experience selects which connections to keep

June 7, 2012--------News Archive

First Picture of a Protein Family Vital to Human Health
The 20 proteins in the Wnt family are some of the most important as they control how an organism develops and grows, but scientists did not know what these vital proteins actually looked like til now

Moms Who Smoked Pot as Teenagers May Have Increased Preference for the Drug in Their Kids
Study in rats suggests marijuana preference transcends generations

Milk Ingredient Does a Waistline Good!
A natural ingredient found in milk protects against obesity

June 6, 2012--------News Archive

Video Release: Filming Life In The Fast Lane
A new microscope enables scientists to see rapid biological changes in real time with unprecedented detail

Optical Tweezers Uncover Key to Cell Communication
Using laser "optical tweezers," research learns how the Notch pathway is pulled apart, signalling cell types to form correctly, on-time, and at every location each is needed in the body

Down Syndrome and Edwards Syndrome Noninvasive Genetic Tests Highly Accurate
An international study finds that a genetic test of mom's blood is almost 100% accurate to screen for trisomy 21 or 18

June 5, 2012--------News Archive

Potential New Approach to Regenerating Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Successful regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue using cells derived from amniotic fluid is outlined in new research

A Different Drummer: Neural Rhythms Drive Physical Movement
The motor cortex turns out to be a dynamic pattern generator does not encode external spatial information—such as direction, distance and speed—but rhythms

Study Suggests Expanding Genetic Alphabet
A new study suggests that the replication process for DNA—the genetic instructions for living organisms that is composed of four bases (C, G, A and T)—is more open to unnatural letters than had previously been thought

June 4, 2012--------News Archive

Activating Cell 'Death Protein' To Stop Cancers
Researchers have devised a strategy to directly activate a natural "death" protein, triggering the self-destruction of cells

'Jack Spratt' Diabetes Gene Identified
Type 2 diabetes is popularly associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, but just as there are obese people without type 2 diabetes, there are also lean people with the disease

New Method for Picking the 'Right' Egg in IVF
In a groundbreaking study, Yale School of Medicine researchers and colleagues at the University of Oxford have identified the chromosomal make-up of a human egg

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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