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June 22, 2012--------News Archive

Environmental Estrogens Affect Early Heart Valve Development in Zebrafish
Chemicals in the environment that mimic estrogen can strongly influence the development of humans and other animals

Clues to Evolution of Our Nervous System
Scientists turned to a simple sponge for clues to the evolution of our complex nervous system and found that sponges and the rest of the animal world may not be so distant after all

Simple Math Pattern Describes Neuron 'Jungle'
Neurons come in an astounding assortment of shapes and sizes, forming a thick inter-connected jungle of cells that science has found follows a simple tree-like pattern

June 21, 2012--------News Archive

More Genetic Discoveries Related to Male Pattern Baldness
Six new genetic associations for early-onset male pattern baldness have an unexpected association with common diseases including Parkinson's and prostate cancer

Resveratrol May be a Natural Exercise Performance Enhancer
Natural compound found in fruit, nuts and wine led to improved strength and endurance

Repelling the Rays
American Chemical Society video on how to use sunscreens

June 20, 2012--------News Archive

Infants Can’t Distinguish Between Large and Small Number Groups
Research could lead to improvements in childhood education

Single Moms Reduce Stress by Playing With Their Kids
Researchers are studying ways to help single mothers improve their relationship with their children

Does Night Work Put Women's Health at Risk?
The risk factors of breast cancer are varied, including genetic mutations, late first pregnancy, low parity, or hormone therapy, but way of life, environmental or professional causes have not yet been completely identified

June 19, 2012--------News Archive

Protein Prevents DNA Damage in the Developing Brain and Might Serve as a Tumor Suppressor
Scientists believe that the protein TopBP1 is indispensible for preventing the accumulation of DNA damage early in brain formation and might also serve as a tumor suppressor

Scientists Tie DNA Repair to Key Cell Signaling Network
A previously unknown repair byproduct could be the ‘master regulator’ of many basic cell processes

Mice Are Teaching Us How to Beat UTIs
Scientists have new clues to why some urinary tract infections (UTIs) recur persistently after multiple rounds of treatment

June 18, 2012--------News Archive

BPA Exposure Effects May Last for Generations
New study shows gestational exposure to BPA leads to behavioral changes for 4 generations

Protein Prediction Keeps Evolving With New Technologies
Researchers use genetic links to model 18 promising families of transmembrane proteins

Lariats of RNA Determine How Proteins Are Made
Tiny, transient loops of RNA provide new insight into how the body reads DNA and cuts and splices gene instructions to make proteins

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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