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June 29, 2012--------News Archive

Success of Fertility Treatment May Approach Natural Birth Rate
A groundbreaking study of nearly 250,000 U.S. women reveals live birth rates approaching natural fertility can be achieved using assisted reproductive technology

Brain Scans Detect Early Signs of Autism
A new study shows significant differences in brain development in high-risk infants who develop autism starting as early as age 6 months

Regulating Telomerase in Stem Cells/Cancer Cells
New insights from stem cell research can be applied to human tumors

June 28, 2012--------News Archive

Science Discovers Key Involved in Aging, Cancer
UCLA biochemists have mapped the structure of a key protein–RNA required for the assembly of telomerase, an enzyme important in both cancer and aging

Research Discovers New Role for RNAi
Epigenetic memory may pass RNA silencing from one generation to the next

New Mouse Helps Explain Congenital Heart Disease
Scientists now have clues to how a gene mutation discovered in families affected with congenital heart disease leads to underdevelopment of the walls that separate the heart into four chambers

June 27, 2012--------News Archive

Exposure to PCBs Reprograms Fetal Rodent Brain, Disrupting Reproduction
Prenatal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, causes long-term changes to the developing brain that have adverse effects on that child's reproductive ability later in life

Genetic Heart Disease May Explain Some Stillbirths
Genetic research has made an important step in resolving the mystery of intrauterine fetal demise (IUFD), or stillbirth, where a baby dies in the womb after the 14th week of gestation

Severe Food Allergy Reactions Increasing In Young Children
NIH-funded study finds some caregivers unsure about when or how to give epinephrine shot

June 26, 2012--------News Archive

Found: Unsuspected Abnormalities in Parents of Genetically Affected Children
The use of genomic analysis in parents whose children are suspected of having a genetic disease shows that they frequently also have undetected genetic abnormalities

Brain Area Identified that Determines Distance from Which Sound Originates
Functional imaging finds neurons sensitive to distance but not loudness

Why Dads and Hopeful Dads Should Quit Smoking Now!
New research shows that cigarette smoke damages DNA in the reproductive cells of fathers and these changes are inherited by the offspring

June 25, 2012--------News Archive

Research Discovers Cause of Inherited Form of Epilepsy
Findings could open avenues for improved therapies for a range of conditions

Hormone May Help Predict Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy
New study shows the hormone adrenomedullin plays significant role in tubal ectopic pregnancies

Blood Test to Predict Risk of Dangerously Small Baby?
Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein 4, in the blood of pregnant women might predict if their fetus is growing improperly, and at risk for long-term health complications, or even stillbirth

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