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July 20, 2012--------News Archive

Pregnant Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Increases Risk for Obesity In Child
New research shows evidence of neuroinflammation in the brains of fetal mice exposed to diesel exhaust, and increased immune activity in areas of the brain that control metabolism

First Entire Genetic Sequence of Individual Human's Sperm
The entire genomes of 91 human sperm from one man have been sequenced and the results provide a fascinating glimpse into naturally occurring genetic variation in one individual; this is the first report of a whole-genome sequence for a human gamete — the only cells that become a child and through which parents pass on physical traits

Debate Ends: Everyone Was Right
Knowing how the centromere forms helps explain how cells navigate the hazards of division and avoid the disastrous consequences of ending up with the wrong number of chromosomes

July 19, 2012--------News Archive

Marijuana Use Doubles Risk of Premature Birth
A large international study has found that women who use marijuana can more than double the risk of giving birth to a baby prematurely

How Embryonic Stem Cells Can Become Any Cell
A new understanding of the mechanisms giving embryonic stem cells their plasticity could allow manipulation of es cells in the laboratory to be used for treating degenerative diseases

Neurons Made from Cord Blood May Open New Neurologic Therapies
For more than 20 years, doctors have been using cells from blood in the placenta and umbilical cord after childbirth to treat a variety of illnesses, from cancer and immune disorders to blood and metabolic diseases. Now using transcription factor to convert Cord Blood cells into neurons, opens the way for treatment of neruologic conditions

July 18, 2012--------News Archive

Linking Autism to Immune System Inflammation
Studies of postmortem brains and of individuals with autism, as well as epidemiological studies, have supported the connection between alterations in the immune system and autism spectrum disorder

The Mechanical Mechanisms in Living Cells
Exploring mechanical forces at the nanoscale, researchers show structures exert forces inside and between cells in living tissues

Human Cells, Plants, Worms and Frogs Share Same Design for Organ Placement
As organisms develop, their internal organs arrange in a consistent asymmetrical pattern - heart and stomach to the left, liver and appendix to the right. But how?

July 17, 2012--------News Archive

Differences Between Twins at Birth Highlights Uterine Environment
Research has for the first time shown that the environment in the womb defines the newborn epigenetic profile - the chemical modifications to DNA we are born with - that could have implications for disease risk later in life

Research Isolates Gene Mutations in Inherited ALS
A new genetic mutation that causes familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a fatal neurological disorder also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, has been identified

Deadly Liver Cancer May be Triggered by Cells Morphing Identity
A rare type of cancer thought to come from cells in the bile ducts of the liver may actually develop when one type of liver cell morphs into a totally different cell type, a process scientists used to consider all but impossible

July 16, 2012--------News Archive

Chemicals in Personal Care Products May Increase Risk of Diabetes in Women
Phthalates are endocrine disrupting chemicals that are commonly found in personal care products such as moisturizers, nail polishes, soaps, hair sprays and perfumes. They are also used in adhesives, electronics, toys and a variety of other products

Vitamin D Deficiency and Poor Lung Function in Asthmatic Children
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with poorer lung function in asthmatic children treated with inhaled corticosteroids, according to a new study from researchers in Boston

Mutations in Autism Susceptibility Gene Increases Risk for Boys
Mutations in X chromosome genes only affect boys, who have one X chromosome - girls have a second copy of the gene that can compensate

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