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August 31, 2012--------News Archive

Could a Cancer Drug Potentially Prevent Learning Disabilities in Some Kids?
Scientists stop abnormal brain cell growth in mice with neurofibromatosis using experimental tumor drug, make new discoveries in neural stem cells

Scientists Find New RNA Phenomenon That Challenges Dogma
Some RNA molecules spend time in a restful state akin to hibernation rather than automatically carrying out their job of delivering protein-building instructions in cells

Risk of Prematurity and Low Birth Weight in Babies Born After 3 or More Abortions
The effect of induced abortions on a subsequent first birth, found women with three or more abortions have a higher risk of delivering a baby prematurely and with a low birth weight

August 30, 2012--------News Archive

Anthropologists Refute Long-Held Theory on Human Gestation
A mother's metabolism, not birth canal size, limits gestation

Circadian Rhythm is Health Factor
Disruptions to the circadian rhythm can affect the growth of blood vessels in the body, thus causing illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer

Why Humans are More Susceptible to Cancer and other Diseases
Chimpanzees rarely get cancer, or a variety of other diseases that commonly arise in humans, but their genomic DNA sequence is nearly identical to ours. So, what's their secret?

August 29, 2012--------News Archive

How Does Body Temperature Reset the Biological Clock?
Researchers uncovers the molecular cogs of clock genes responsive to temperature variations

Genomic Variant Increases Risk of Some Brain Tumors
People who carry a "G" instead of an "A" at a specific spot in the sequence of their genetic code have roughly a six-fold higher risk of developing certain types of brain tumors

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Tracking the Genetic Causes
Vitamin B12 is essential to human health, however, some people have inherited conditions that leave them unable to process vitamin B12, and as a result, are prone to serious health problems, including developmental delay, psychosis, stroke and dementia

August 28, 2012--------News Archive

ReadyGet SetRepress!
Scientists manipulate the Set2 pathway to show how genes are faithfully copied

Astrocytes Control the Generation of New Neurons from Neural Stem Cells
Astrocytes are cells that have many functions in the central nervous system, such as the control of neuronal synapses, blood flow, and the brain's response to neurotrauma or stroke

Breast Milk Promotes a Different Gut Flora Growth Than Infant Formulas
New findings explain how breast milk, but not infant formula, fosters colonies of microbiotic flora in a newborn's intestinal tract that aid nutrient absorption and immune system development

August 27, 2012--------News Archive

Archived Guthrie Cards Find a New Purpose
Researchers have shown that epigenetic information stored on archived Guthrie cards provides a retrospective view of the epigenome at birth, a powerful new application for the card that could help understand disease and predict future health

Imaging Study Sheds New Light on Alcohol-Related Birth Defects
An international collaborative research effort sheds new light on alcohol-related birth defects, and relates the timing of alcohol exposure to specific birth defects

Lawson Researcher Sings the Baby Blues
Study provides new direction for research in bipolar disorder during pregnancy

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