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September 14, 2012--------News Archive

How Early Social Deprivation Impairs Long-Term Cognitive Function
Cells that help nerve fibers transmit messages can fail to mature through social isolation in the first few weeks of life

Fruit Flies Reveal Circadian Clock Comparable to Human Clock
New research reveals that fruit flies and mammals may share how they control body temperature through circadian rhythm, unlocking new ways to study the insects as models of human development and disease

Long Menopause Allows Killer Whales to Care for Adult Sons
Scientists have found the answer to why female killer whales have the longest menopause of any non-human species - to care for their adult sons

September 13, 2012--------News Archive

Towards Solving a Birth-Defect Mystery
The cellular cause for birth defects of the palate, missing teeth, problems with fingers and toes has been a puzzle for science - which all may be related to the electrical charge of a cell

Breakthrough in Fight Against Muscular Dystrophies
Recent findings by an international collaboration of researchers identify muscleblind-like proteins with new implications for the pathogenesis of myotonic dystrophy

Marijuana Use Implicated in Preeclampsia
New research indicates marijuana-like compounds called endocannabinoids alter genes and biological signals critical to the formation of a normal placenta during pregnancy - and may contribute to pregnancy complications like preeclampsia

September 12, 2012--------News Archive

Beacons Light Up Stem Cell Transformation
In a new study, researchers demonstrate a new tool for visually tracking in real-time the transformation of a living population of stem cells into cells of a specific tissue

Why Severely Obese Women Have Difficulty Getting Pregnant from IVF
Researchers discover an underlying egg problem in women with a high body mass index - their eggs have multiple spindles and disorganized chromosomes

Research Reveals Responses of Genes in Females to Sex
Sex can trigger remarkable female responses including altered fertility, immunity, libido, eating and sleep patterns -- by the activation of diverse sets of genes, according to new research

September 11, 2012--------News Archive

Protecting Genes, One Molecule At a Time
An international team of scientists have shown how cells prioritise the repair of genes containing potentially dangerous damage, at an unprecedented level of detail

Metabolic Engineer Synthesizes Key Breast Milk Sugar
A microbial engineer has synthesized a sugar in human milk that is thought to protect babies from pathogens

Neonatal Heart Stem Cells May Help Mend Kids' Broken Hearts
Cardiac stem cells from newborns show stronger regenerative ability than adult stem cells

September 10, 2012--------News Archive

Human Genome Far More Active Than Thought
GENCODE Consortium discovered far more genes than previously thought

BPA Affects Genes, Increases Anxiety - Soy Mitigates Those Effects
Early exposure to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) results in high levels of anxiety via gene expression changes in part of the brain called the amygdala - which can be mitigated by a soy-rich diet

Transcription Runs Like Clockwork
It’s not just a few key genes and proteins that cycle on and off in humans in a 24-hour circadian pattern as the sun rises and falls - but thousands

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