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September 28, 2012--------News Archive

DNA Packaging Helps Regulate Heart Formation
A new regulator for heart formation has been discovered by studying how embryonic stem cells adjust packaging of their DNA

Solving Key to Old Mystery in Generating Muscle Mass
Expectations rise for treating muscular dystrophy and other muscle wasting diseases

Fat Today, Thin Tomorrow?
Scientists find molecular link to obesity and insulin resistance in mice – a switch that turns white fat into 'brown fat' and could lead to new therapies for diabetes and metabolic disorders

September 27, 2012--------News Archive

Learning Requires Rhythmic Activity of Neurons
Scientists have discovered how the brain filters electrical neuronal signals through an input and output control, regulating learning and memory

Making Stem Cells More Easily
Researchers identify kinase inhibitors that lower the barrier to producing stem cells in the laboratory—cells important for disease research and drug development

Human Brains Develop Wiring Slowly, Differing from Chimpanzees
Scientists comparing brain development in humans and chimpanzees see how quickly myelin grows in the cerebral cortex of humans

September 26, 2012--------News Archive

Treatment for 'Untreatable' Progeria has Roots in Basic Cell Research
Clinical trial reports significant slowing of rare rapid aging disorder, progeria, in children

Pregnancy Complications Higher in Women Born Preterm
Women who were born premature are more likely to have pregnancy complications than women who weren't

Human Brains Out Grow Chimp Brains in Utero
After 22 weeks of gestation, brain growth in chimpanzees starts to level off, while the human brain continues to accelerate for another two months or more

September 25, 2012--------News Archive

A Mother’s Nutrition – Before Pregnancy – May Alter the Function of Her Children’s Genes
Everyone knows that what mom eats when pregnant makes a huge difference in the health of her child. Now, research in mice suggests that what she ate before pregnancy is equally important

Genomic Similarities Between Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Revealed
The Cancer Genome Atlas, supported by the National Institutes of Health, finds shared genomic features between two cancers that could aid in treatment of both

Protein That Regulates Key 'Fate' of Cortical Progenitor Cells Identified
DOCK7 expression determines if radial glial cells will proliferate or differentiate

September 24, 2012--------News Archive

Cause of Diabetes May be Linked to Iron Transport
Scientists show that increased activity of one particular iron-transport protein destroys insulin-producing beta cells — and that mice without this transporter don't get diabetes

Men and Women's Genetic Predisposition to Disease is Different
A team of researchers show that men and women have different propensities to certain diseases

Pollen Cells Have Memory Controls to Prevent Jumping Genes
Mechanisms that silence mobile genes are active in pollen sex cells

WHO Child Growth Charts

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