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October 5, 2012--------News Archive

BPA Linked to Thyroid Hormone Changes in Pregnant Women, Newborns
Bisphenol A (BPA), an estrogen-like compound that has drawn increased scrutiny in recent years, has been linked to changes in thyroid hormone levels in pregnant women and newborn boys

Why Babies Need to Learn Mom's Smell
Newborn mice use mom's unique odor, not a pheromone, to begin breastfeeding, a critical behavior to sustain life

Abnormal Brain Function in Rett Syndrome Mice Reversed
New brain mapping shows that the regions of low brain activity overlap with regions of the brain that are also under-active in humans with classic autism and the anesthesia drug, ketamine, improved brain activity

October 4, 2012--------News Archive

Fear Stresses Women Undergoing Fertility Therapy
A study of European countries with the highest number of assisted reproduction cycles identifies which aspects of reproduction treatment contribute to psychological stress

Multiple Sclerosis Activity Can be Significantly Increased by Infertility Treatments
Researchers in Argentina report that women with multiple sclerosis (MS) who undergo assisted reproduction technology (ART) infertility treatment are at risk for increased MS activity

Dozens of Genetic Mutations Identified in Schizophrenia
Many of these newly discovered genes are most active during fetal development

October 3, 2012--------News Archive

Stem Cells Improve Visual Function in Blind Mice
New research suggests special adult stem cells could restore sight or prevent vision loss

Gene Length Matters
Research reveals a surprising fact about human genes – when a protein-coding gene is too short — it becomes inactive!

Balancing Fertility and Child Survival in the Developing World
Limiting fertility as a strategy in poor countries, so that mothers can invest more time caring for each child — only modestly improves the prospects of child survival

October 2, 2012--------News Archive

Scientists Find Missing Link Between Players in the Epigenetic Code
Research has established the first link between the two most fundamental epigenetic tags — histone modification and DNA methylation — in humans

Researchers Discover Gene that Causes Deafness
Researchers have found a new genetic mutation responsible for deafness and hearing loss associated with Usher syndrome type 1

Researchers Discover Key Mechanism Controlling Inflammatory Response
The molecule, known as p110delta, fine-tunes inflammation to avoid excessive reactions that can damage an organism

October 1, 2012--------News Archive

Liver Cells, Insulin-Producing Cells, Thymus Cells, Can All Be Grown in Lymph Nodes
Lymph nodes can provide a suitable home for a variety of cells and tissues from other organs, suggesting that a cell-based alternative to whole organ transplantation might one day be feasible

Loop the Loop, DNA Style
One and two-way copying of DNA into messenger RNA, known as transcription, depends on if a gene is looped; with looped genes increasing their own output

Linking Lou Gehrig's Disease with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
New findings may lead to common treatment for both fatal motor neuron conditions

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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