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October 12, 2012--------News Archive

Nobel Prize in Medicine for Discovery of Reprogramming Human Skin Cells Into Stem Cells
The stem cell discovery by Shinya Yamanaka that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine not only has transformed the research landscape, but also could have a significant impact on patients within the decade

Underlying Mechanisms Identified in SMA Childhood Neuromuscular Disease
Findings point to possible treatments for the leading genetic cause of death in infants

Anti-Cancer Drug Fights Immune Reaction in Some Infants with Pompe Disease
Adding a third anti-cancer agent to a current drug cocktail appears to have contributed to dramatic improvement in three infants with the most severe form of Pompe disease – a rare, often-fatal genetic disorder characterized by low or no production of an enzyme crucial to survival

October 11, 2012--------News Archive

Fertility Discovery a Sperm's Tail
New insights into sperms' swimming skills shed light on male infertility, which affects one in 20 men, and could provide a new avenue to the development of a male contraceptive pill

Genes May Influence Some Women to Become Thin
Genetics may make some women more vulnerable to the pressure of being thin, found a study led by Michigan State University researchers

Discovery of Gatekeeper Nerve Cells Explains the Effect of Nicotine on Learning and Memory
Researchers have discovered a new group of nerve cells that regulate processes of learning and memory – acting as gatekeepers, they carry a receptor for nicotine, which helps explain our ability to remember and sort information

October 10, 2012--------News Archive

Researcher Links Gene Mutation to Psychiatric Disease and Obesity
The key lies in the genomic deletion of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, a nervous system growth factor that plays a critical role in brain development

Therapy for Preterm Labor May Help Other Inflammatory Conditions
Magnesium sulfate is given to many pregnant women to treat preterm labor and preeclampsia and was recently shown to prevent cerebral palsy – however little was known about how it works

Discovering the Gene Behind Rare Disorders
Using a new technique that has revolutionized genetic studies, scientists determined that mutations in the RMND1 gene were responsible for severe neurodegenerative disorders, in two infants, ultimately leading to early death

October 9, 2012--------News Archive

Developmental Neuroscience – A New Field Changing Understanding of Childhood
By the time our children reach kindergarten their learning and developmental patterns are already taking shape, as is a trajectory for their future health

Low-Level Mercury Exposure in Pregnancy Connected to ADHD Risk
Researchers advise women to consider both benefits and risks of eating fish while pregnant

Sleeping Brain Behaves as If Remembering Something
Researchers have for the first time measured the activity of a brain region known to be involved in learning, memory and Alzheimer's disease during sleep – discovering that this part of the brain behaves as if it's remembering something

October 8, 2012--------News Archive

Black Mouse – White Mouse
Melanocytes are cells that give color to skin, fur and hair pigment while providing protection from the sun and lending organisms their color – except when something goes wrong

In Cancer, Embryonic Gene-Silencing has Gone Awry
Many types of cancer could originate from a mechanism that cells use to silence genes; this process, which is essential in embryonic development, might be accidentally reactivated in tumor cells

Researchers Find Electricity in Our Biological Clock
Biologists from New York University have uncovered new ways our biological clock's neurons use electrical activity to help keep behavioral rhythms in order

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