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October 19, 2012--------News Archive

Genes and Immune System Shaped by Childhood Poverty, Stress
A study has revealed that childhood poverty, stress as an adult, and demographics such as age, sex and ethnicity, all leave an imprint on a person’s genes – and, that this imprint could play a role in our immune response

Reprogrammed Amniotic Fluid Cells Could Treat Vascular Diseases
Researchers have discovered an approach for converting amniotic fluid cells into endothelial cells in order to repair damaged blood vessels in heart disease, stroke, diabetes and trauma

Researchers Explain Transport Pathway of Immune System
In order to transport substances from the site of their production to their destination, the body needs a sophisticated sorting system – the golgi apparatus

October 18, 2012--------News Archive

Women With Ectopic First Pregnancy Have Fewer Children
Women whose first pregnancy is ectopic are likely to have fewer children in the following 20-30 years than women whose first pregnancy ends in a delivery, miscarriage or abortion

New Fruit Fly Model for Epilepsy Reveals Mechanisms Behind Fever-Induced Seizures
Researchers have created a new fruit fly model of inherited epilepsy that’s providing insights into the mechanisms underlying temperature-dependent seizures, commonly seen in children

Two High School Students Develop New Treatment for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Two Chicago high school students have developed a novel treatment method to reduce the negative effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and a new understanding of genetics behind the disease

October 17, 2012--------News Archive

Vitamin D Supplements May Benefit Lupus Patients
Preliminary evidence suggests that vitamin D supplementation should be considered as a modifying agent in the treatment of the immune system condition known as systemic lupus erythematosus

Scientists Say to EPA – Include Women in Reproductive Health Research
Scientists are to meet with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to request important changes be made in guidelines for reproductive health

Attack! Silent Watchmen Defend the Nervous System
In many processes within the nervous system, there is a common event - cells called microglia are activated from surveillant watchmen into fighters

October 16, 2012--------News Archive

Researchers Halt Autoimmune Disease Myasthenia Gravis in Mice
Genetic therapy used targeted “guided missile” cells, erasing need for systemic immunosuppression to control the disease

Realizing the Potential of Stem Cell Therapy
Animal research shows promise for treating Alzheimer’s disease, brain damage, and heart problems resulting from spinal cord injuries

Does Motherhood Dampen Cocaine's Effects?
Mother rats respond much differently to cocaine than female rats that have never given birth, according to new research that looks at both behavior and brain chemistry

October 15, 2012--------News Archive

Brain Scans Can Predict Children's Reading Ability
New research can identify the neural structures associated with poor reading skills in young children, and could lead to an early warning system for struggling students

Discovery Reveals Important Clues To Breast Cancer Metastasis
Breast cancer specimens reveal that the LOX gene plays an underlying role in promoting metastasis

Transplanted Neural Stem Cells Produced Myelin
A Phase I clinical trial led by investigators from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and sponsored by Stem Cells Inc., showed that neural stem cells successfully engrafted into the brains of patients and appear to have produced myelin

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