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October 26, 2012--------News Archive

Early Life Adversity Impacts Development
It is time to put the nature versus nurture debate to rest and embrace growing evidence that it is the interaction between biology and environment in early life that influences human development

Key Genetic Deletions that Contribute to 8% of Male Infertility
A large-scale analysis of Y chromosomes from more than 20,000 men finds that two spontaneously recurring deletions along a complex region of the Y chromosome are responsible for approximately 6% of cases of failed sperm production

DNA’s Double Stranded Stretch
What happens to DNA strands when stretched to the breaking point?

October 25, 2012--------News Archive

Grandmas Made Humans Live Longer
Computer simulations provide new mathematical support for the "grandmother hypothesis" – a famous theory that humans evolved longer adult lifespans than apes because grandmothers helped feed their grandchildren

Flame Retardant ‘Firemaster 550’ Is an Endocrine Disruptor
The flame-retardant mixture known as “Firemaster 550” is an endocrine disruptor that causes extreme weight gain, early onset of puberty and cardiovascular health effects in lab animals, according to a new study spearheaded by researchers from North Carolina State University and Duke University

L-INC-ing Noncoding RNAs to Human Disease
The list of functions of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) in human tissues is rapidly growing. To underscore their critical role in human health, two reports associate altered expression of lncRNAs with the heritable syndromes HELLP and brachydactyly type E

October 24, 2012--------News Archive

How New Genes Are Created
Scientists have long wondered how living things evolve new functions from a limited set of genes. One popular explanation is that genes duplicate by accident; the duplicate undergoes mutations and picks up a new function; and, if that new function is useful, the gene spreads

Stem Cell Bodyguards
Hiding deep inside the bone marrow are special cells that wait patiently for the hour of need. At that point, these blood-forming stem cells can proliferate and differentiate into billions of mature blood immune cells to help the body cope with infection, or extra red blood cells needed for low oxygen levels at high altitudes

New Test May Uncover Deadly Hypertension in Pregnancy
Novel biomarker diagnostic test may help in the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, a complex condition that can be fatal if undiagnosed during pregnancy

October 23, 2012--------News Archive

Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka are the recipients of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has announced that Lefkowitz, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator at Duke University and Kobilka of Stanford University School of Medicine were winning for how cells sense their environment

Key Player in Parkinson's Disease Neuron Loss
Stem cell study may help to unravel how a genetic mutation leads to Parkinson's symptoms

How the Brain Perceives Direction and Location
How we know where we are – and where we are going, depends on cells in the brain that function to establish location and direction

October 22, 2012--------News Archive

Study Documents Early Puberty Onset in U.S.A. Boys
A study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has documented that boys in the U.S. are experiencing the onset of puberty six months to two years earlier than reported in previous research

In Vitro Fertilization Linked to Increased Risk for Birth Defects
In vitro fertilization (IVF) may significantly increase the risk of birth defects, particularly those of the eye, heart, reproductive organs and urinary systems

Connection Between Child, Mother Mortality Explored
The death of a child is a tragic event for a family, bringing with it feelings of numbness, anger, guilt and denial – and, unfortunately, for many families, the loss becomes too much to bear

WHO Child Growth Charts

What Is Your BMI?



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