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April 19, 2013--------News Archive

Mouse or human, comfort is being carried by mom
There is a very good reason mothers often carry their crying babies, pacing the floor, to help them calm down.

Scientists find ethnicity linked to antibodies
Cracking the DNA code for a complex region of the human genome has helped 14 North American scientists, including five at Simon Fraser University, chart new territory in immunity research.

Evolving genes keep evolving
Selection in European populations of genes regulated by FOXP2, a key factor in development and language.

April 18, 2013--------News Archive

Dramatic changes in penis bacteria following male circumcision
Study finds changes in the penis microbiome after male circumcision might help explain why circumcision offers men some protection against HIV.

Recipe for large numbers of stem cells requires only one ingredient
Stem cells and tissue-specific cells can be grown in abundance from mature mammalian cells simply by blocking a certain membrane protein.

Microbial differences between parents, kids and dogs
As much as dog owners love their children, they tend to share more of themselves, at least in terms of bacteria, with their dogs.

April 17, 2013--------News Archive

Excess estrogen in pregnancy can increase breast cancer risk in daughters
Two researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered a new genetic link between the rapid growth of healthy fetuses and the uncontrolled cell division in cancer. The findings shed light on normal development and on the genetic underpinnings of common cancers.

Ordinary skin cells morphed into functional brain cellsScientists at CWRU School of Medicine discover new technique that holds promise for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

Brain development is guided by 'junk' DNA
UCSF researchers have uncovered a role in brain development and in neurological disease for little appreciated molecules called long noncoding RNA. Specific DNA once dismissed as junk plays an important role in brain development and might be involved in several devastating neurological diseases.

April 16, 2013--------News Archive

Molecules in early placenta formation give clues to pregnancy complication
Understanding the molecular control of placenta formation, the organ which enables fetal growth, is critical in diagnosing and treating related pregnancy complications.

Genetic link between normal fetal growth and cancer
NIH study identifies a protein that helps trigger both processes.

Why some stress is good for you
Overworked and stressed out? Look on the bright side. Some stress is good for you.

April 15, 2013--------News Archive

Drugs for bipolar disorder 'normalize' gene function
Brain tissue study shows gene expression in patients treated with antipsychotics is similar to expression in non-bipolar brains.

Little-known primate shows why females outlive males
Researchers studying aging in an endangered lemur report that in old age, females are the safer sex.

Healing by the clock
In fruitflies, intestinal stem-cell regeneration fluctuates with time of day.


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