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June 14, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Big multiple sclerosis breakthrough
Phase 1 trial safely resets patients’ immune systems, reduces attack on myelin protein.

Fingernails reveal clues to limb regeneration
Researchers discover biochemical pathway that links nail growth to fingertip regeneration. Mammals possess the remarkable ability to regenerate a lost fingertip, including the nail, nerves and even bone.

Dad's Life Stress Can Affect Offspring Brain Development
Male and female offspring of stressed male mice show reduced stress response, an underlying feature of several mental disorders.

June 13, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Fetal disorder associated with mother’s exposure to DDT
Study is first to show association between mother’s chemical exposure and fetal motor activity and heart rate.

Discovery of the gene for multiple intestinal atresia in newborns
Physicians and researchers from Sherbrooke, Montreal and Quebec City have conducted a study that has led to the discovery of a gene that causes multiple intestinal atresia (MIA), a rare and life-threatening hereditary disorder that affects newborns.

Interferon-beta aids mice with spinocerebellar ataxia 7
First study of treatment for this condition, in mice, shows significant physical improvement.

June 12, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

How to make a tail? The leg is key!
A new study reveals how the trunk of a body transitions into a tail in vertebrates.

Defective cilia cause of life-threatening diseases
Danish researchers have just published findings that explain a previously unknown mechanism used by cells to communicate with one another. The research significantly contributes to understanding why some children are born with malformations and why children and adults may develop life-threatening diseases.

From hot springs to HIV, protein complexes promote viruses
Biologists have discovered a striking connection between viruses such as HIV and Ebola and viruses that infect organisms called archaea that grow in volcanic hot springs. Despite the huge difference in environments and a 2 billion year evolutionary time span between archaea and humans, the viruses hijack the same set of proteins to break out of infected cells.

June 11, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Adults generate new neurons daily
The birth of new neurons in the adult brain sharpens memory in rodents, but whether the same holds true for humans has long been debated. Now, the dating of "heavy" carbon 14 has established that new neurons are born daily in the human hippocampus.

First evidence the genome adapts to temperature change
Today's flies are more heat-tolerant than those of the 1970's. A flies' genomes changes from spring to summer, summer to autumn and autumn to spring.

Nine hallmarks of aging may help prolong life
By understanding and combating aging we can also fight cancer and other diseases of most incidence in the developed world.

June 10, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Human babies and baby apes have similar gestures
Psychologists who analyzed video footage of a female chimpanzee, a female bonobo and a female human infant in a study to compare different types of gestures at comparable stages of communicative development found remarkable similarities among the three species.

How brain circuits become miswired during development
Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have uncovered a mechanism that guides the exquisite wiring of neural circuits in a developing brain -- gaining unprecedented insight into the faulty circuits that may lead to brain disorders ranging from autism to mental retardation.

Young genes essential for life
Researchers have shown how a relatively young gene can acquire a new function and become essential to an organism's life.


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