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Aug 23, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Harvard stem cell researchers create cells that line blood vesselsIn a scientific first, Harvard Stem Cell Institute scientists have successfully grown cells that line the blood vessels—called vascular endothelial cells—from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), revealing new information about how these cells function.

Red hair may indicate increased melanoma risk
Researchers find that the same genetic mutation responsible for red hair also promotes a cancer-causing pathway.

Study finds mother's genes can impact aging process
As we age, our cells change and become damaged. Now, researchers at Karolinska Institutet and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging have shown that aging is determined not only by the accumulation of changes during our lifetime but also by the genes we acquire from our mothers.

Aug 22, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

The timing and sequence of development is heritable
Scientists using a pioneering bio-imaging system to record simultaneously the development of hundreds of aquatic embryos have discovered significant parent-offspring similarities in the timing and sequence of that development.

How untying knots promotes cancer
Researchers have long known that high levels of a specific protein in human cells are linked to tumor growth – but no one, until now, has fully understood how.

Cells eat themselves into shape
Specialised endocytocis consumes membrane tendrils.

Aug 21, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Gestational diabetes linked to increase in sleep apnea
Study finds pregnant women with gestational diabetes lose over an hour of sleep each night.

How brain microcircuits integrate sense information
New research sheds light on how the brain integrates our different senses within complex circuits of nerve cells.

Dialing back treg cell function boosts cancer fighting
In animal studies, CHOP researchers advance new approach to anti-tumor immunotherapy.

Aug 20, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

How a transposon improves host immunity
Transposons are flexible DNA elements that multiply and change location within the genome—leading them to being called "jumping genes." But, they are also known as transposable elements and even "selfish DNA." Discovered in the 1940s, for years they were thought to be unimportant and appeared to serve no other biological purpose but their own existence.

Major study links aging gene to blood cancer
A gene that helps control the ageing process by acting as a cell's internal clock has been linked to cancer by a major new study.

How female salmon and trout choose the 'right' sperm
University of East Anglia scientists have revealed how females select the 'right' sperm to fertilize their eggs when faced with the risk of being fertilized by wrong sperm from a different species.

Aug 19, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Neurons “Cross Talk” With Pancreas Cells in Early Development
The human body is a complicated system of blood vessels, nerves, organs, tissue and cells each with a specific function. When all are working together, it’s a symphony in which each instrument plays its intended role.

Lamprey eels provide hints to ancient immune cells
Lampreys represent the evolutionary tree, before sharks and fish. Despite their inconspicuous appearance, they have a sophisticated immune system with three types of white blood cell that resemble our B and T cells.

Critical role of immune system in early macular degeneration
Macular degenerations occurs in several forms, all are causes of vision loss. Juvenile or early-onset macular degeneration includes several inherited disorders that can affect children and young adults.


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