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Sep 27, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Model for tissue pattern formation in embryo development
A team of scientists has developed a model for studying tissue—specifically how it organizes into organs and layers during embryonic development.

Fetal cocaine: Brain intact, but development off track
Animal studies show that exposure to cocaine in utero development causes numerous disruptions in normal brain development and negatively affects behavior from birth and into adulthood.

Innovations save lives of mothers and children
Health care innovations, if brought to scale immediately in low-resource countries, have potential to save the lives of some 1.2 million mothers and children in 2015.

Sep 26, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Asthma severity in children exposed to diesel exhaust
A new study shows exposure to diesel exhaust particles from traffic pollution leads to increased asthma severity in children. This is due to increased blood levels of IL-17A, a protein associated with several chronic inflammatory diseases, in children with high diesel exposure.

Lifestyle influences metabolism via DNA methylation
An unhealthy lifestyle leaves traces in the DNA. These may have specific effects on metabolism, causing organ damage or disease.

Chronic aggressive behavior in boys: Epigenetic sources?Genes related to self-control could be 'disabled' by the prenatal environment.

Sep 25, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

United Kingdom Stem cell lines now on NIH Registry
King’s College London disease-specific human embryonic stem cell lines are now available on the National Institutes of Health Stem Cell Registry.

How the gut got its villi
Comparing species, researchers at Harvard SEAS and Harvard Medical School investigate a process they dub “villification” — the body making loops of villi to increase gut surface area.

How heart cells communicate to synchronize heart
New research from Western University in London, Canada, is leading to a better understanding of what happens during heart failure. The new information could lead to better therapeutics or more accurate prediction of risk.

Sep 24, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Why do we want to eat the baby?
What woman has not wanted to gobble up a baby placed in her arms, even if the baby is not hers? For the first time, an international team of researchers has found evidence of this phenomenon in the neural networks associated with reward.

Gene contributes to asthma susceptibility
New research from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has uncovered the role gene ORMDL3 plays in the disease asthma. ORMDL3, a gene recently linked to asthma susceptibility, has now been linked to the body’s ability to recruit inflammatory cells during an airway allergic reaction.

A boost for cellular profiling
A new method for analyzing gene expression in single cells opens a window into tumors and other tissues.

Sep 23, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Switch controls most aggressive brain tumor cells
Scientists have identified a cellular switch that potentially can be turned off and on to slow down, and eventually inhibit the growth of the most commonly diagnosed and aggressive malignant brain tumors.

Building the best brain
Researchers show how brain cell connections get cemented early in life. Research on synapse stabilization could aid understanding of autism, schizophrenia, intellectual disability.

Final piece in puzzle of brain circuitry of fertility
In a landmark discovery, the final piece in the puzzle of understanding how the brain circuitry vital to normal fertility in humans and other mammals operates has been put together by researchers at New Zealand's University of Otago


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