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Dec 6, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

What hummingbirds teach us about using energy
Hummingbird metabolism is a marvel of evolutionary engineering. These tiny birds can power all of their energetic hovering flight by burning glucose and fructose equally.

What yeast teach us about memory formation
Yeast cells are able to form a memory by combining proteins.

What bacteria teach us about division of labor
Bacteria grow faster if they feed each other. When they divide their metabolic labor, they grow faster than bacterial cells that produce all their amino acids on their own.

Dec 5, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Depression in pregnant mom may alter brain in baby
Depression is a serious mental illness that has many negative consequences for sufferers. But depression among pregnant women may also have an impact on the developing brain patterns of babies.

IVF fertility treatments keep multiple births high
Non-IVF treatments are biggeat contributor with ovarian stimulation and ovulation induction. But, fertility technology in the United States has a huge influence on the frequency of twins, triplets, and other multiple births.

Changing cell types by flipping a single switch
With few exceptions, cells don't change type once they have become specialized — a heart cell, for example, won't suddenly become a brain cell. However, new findings by researchers at UC Santa Barbara have identified a method for changing one cell type into another in a process called forced transdifferentiation.

Dec 4, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Prenatal alcohol exposure disrupts brain & behavior
Researchers have long known that ethanol exposure from alcohol impacts brain and cognitive development in infants, but not until now demonstrated the connection between exposure and disruption to neural networks leading to changes in behavior.

'Designer sperm' insert custom genes into offspring
New research suggests altering genes in sperm and then inducing fertilization, produces new genes that are present and active in the embryos and inherited to at least three generations.

'Extreme adaptation' of Burmese python genome
A Burmese python's ability to ramp up its metabolism and enlarge its organs, swallow and digest prey whole, can be traced to an unusually rapid evolution of its genes.

Dec 3, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Air pollution combined with genetics increases risk for autism
Exposure to air pollution appears to increase the risk for autism among people who carry a genetic disposition for the neurodevelopmental disorder.

Male and female mice transfer fear of odor to unborn pups
Researchers find that when a mouse learns to become afraid of a certain odor, his or her pups will be more sensitive to that odor, even though the pups have never encountered it.

Key protein controlling communication between brain cells
Scientists are a step closer to understanding how some of the brain's 100 billion nerve cells co-ordinate their communication.

Dec 2, 2013--------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

High cholesterol fuels growth of breast cancer
A byproduct of cholesterol functions like the hormone estrogen and fuels the growth and spread of the most common types of breast cancers, researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute report.

Fruit flies with better sex lives live longer
Can sexual frustration be bad for your health? Male fruit flies that expected sex — and didn't get it — experienced serious health consequences and aged faster.

Magnesium ion critical in creation of synthetic cell
Investigators working to create "protocells" – primitive synthetic cells – have accomplished an important step towards their goal by identifying that RNA copying requires the presence of the magnesium ion called Mg2+.

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