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Mar 6, 2015------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Detecting mutations in IVF embryos
Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is used in fertility clinics to detect abnormalities before they are passed on by parents to their in vitro fertilized (IVF) embryos. However, it has not been possible to scan an embryo's genome to detect mutations — perhaps until now.

Mar 5, 2015------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Master switch' error causes CHOPS syndrome
A puzzling multisystem disorder in three children, had genetic experts scrambling to identify what went wrong. Their research results provide important information on key biological events occurring in human development and offers clues for treatment.

Mar 4, 2015------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Epigenome orchestrates embryo development
As the early embryo develops, cells transform into the tissues we need to make and regenerate life. Now, science is finding this process is largely controlled not by our genes, but by the epigenome, the environmental chemical markers that latch onto our DNA and initiate when genes are to be turned on or off.

Mar 3, 2015-----News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weeklys

Tobacco smoke and preemies with lung disease
Public health experts know that tobacco smoke exposure (TSE) can be harmful to children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a lung disease that often accompanies premature birth. Findings now suggest high levels of second-hand and caregiver smoking greatly contribute to further decline in the health of these infants.

Mar 2, 2015------News ArchiveLatest research covered daily, archived weekly

Exercise ball decreases labor time and C-sections
Researchers, who are nurses, have found that a peanut-shaped exercise ball can be a highly effective tool to accelerate labor following an epidural.

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